A few more early reviews of THE GODBORN

TheGodborncleanWe’re one week away from the start of The Sundering series, which launches with R.A. Salvatore’s highly anticipated novel, The Companions: The Sundering, Book I.  My novel, The Godborn, is the second book of series.

And speaking of The Godborn, here are a few more early reviews/impressions, none of which contain spoilers:

Craig at Geekstronomy says, “A great read with Kemp demonstrating his talent for storytelling.”

Weary Writer calls The GodbornRead the rest


Erevis Cale reading order

The Erevis Cale TrilogyI’ve been getting a fair amount of visitors to the site looking for the correct order to read the Erevis Cale stories, so I figured I’d just put up a post for Google to find.

The first thing I’m going to do is list is every damned Cale story in in-world chronological order (which isn’t publication order).  That’s for the completists.  Then I’m going to tell you the order I think you should read the … Read the rest


The Hammer and the Blade goes to reprint

TheHammertheBladecorrected-175x264 (Mobile)A short post to say that I received word today that The Hammer and the Blade, the First Tale of Egil and Nix, has gone back for another printing.  This warrants the rare huzzahwoot.  Accordingly, HUZZAHWOOT!

My sincere thanks to all of you who’ve talked up the book, reviewed it, recommended it, etc.  It really means a lot and I appreciate it enormously.

And hey, in related news, the Second Tale of Egil and … Read the rest


An early review of THE GODBORN

thegodbornnoborderStefan’s Bookshelf has an early, completely non-spoiler review of The Godborn, my next Forgotten Realms and book II of The Sundering series. Click over to read the whole thing, but my favorite bit is this:

“The book is fast paced, with several different groups of characters caught up in a maelstrom of events that ultimately lead them to a final epic scene. The prose and pacing were tight and each chapter pulled me further Read the rest


Fourth Excerpt from The Godborn: Vasen Cale

thegodbornnoborderAs I mentioned here, Wizards of the Coast has graciously authorized me to post monthly excerpts from my forthcoming novel, The Godborn (book II of the Sundering Series), in the lead up to its October release.

I’m posting a total of six excerpts. They started in April and will go through to September.  None will contain spoilers and each will be between 900 and 2,400 words. As I’ve mentioned previously, I’m going to … Read the rest


Ebook follies and A DISCOURSE IN STEEL

ADiscourseInSteel-largeAs some of you know, a week before the release of A Discourse in Steel, some clever, amusing rake (and by “clever, amusing rake” I mean “asshole”) uploaded an unauthorized copy of the novel to Amazon, via Amazon’s Kindle Direct Program, and tried to charge for it.  As asshole antics go, that’s pretty funny.  And by “pretty funny,” I mean “not funny at all and very much a dick move.”

My publisher and I … Read the rest


Winners of signed copies of THE GODBORN

thegodbornnoborderAs most of you know, I held a drawing to win one of five signed copies of my next Forgotten Realms novel, The Godborn.  I randomly selected winners last week (and notified them by email), but for the record, here are the five winners:

Blake T.

Ahmed A.

Nick S.

Shachar L.

Ian W.

Congratulations to the winners.  I’ll fire off the signed copies as soon as I have some in hand.  Meanwhile, the … Read the rest