Poll results — ebooks v. print

tncaleIn the post below, I asked you to respond with some information about your purchase of The Erevis Cale novels.  Specifically, I wondered whether you purchased them in print, ebook format, or some combination of the two.  My thanks to all who responded.  The response was almost entirely uniform among the 100 odd respondents — print purchases only.

Of course, The Erevis Cale novels have been available in ebook format for only a few … Read the rest


Ebook or print? A poll

Ebook versions of The Erevis Cale novels are selling well, it seems.  This causes me to wonder about some things.  So, in my never ending but invariably futile effort to understand the market for my novels by generalizing from anecdotes, I’d like to ask the following question.  I’d be grateful if  you could take a moment (either here or on LJ, where this will be mirrored) to respond with one of the numbers below in … Read the rest


Ten Reasons Star Wars fans should read the Cale stories

So, you liked Crosscurrent, and maybe you’re looking forward to Deceived and Riptide,  and you ask yourself:  Self, should I read other stuff that Kemp’s written?  It’s not Star Wars, true, but couldn’t it still be pretty good?  Seems to have to gotten decent reviews.  I don’t know, self, I do loves me some blasters and lightsabers and Jedi and Sith.  Kemp’s  other stories don’t have any of that, do they?  So … Read the rest


A Monday Riptide teaser

Yet another teaser from the WIP of Riptide.  For some reason, planning to post these(and ultimately posting them) keeps me fully engaged with the book.  I  hope you’ll indulge me.

They’d all felt it, even the children, as the cloakshape fighter carrying them had blazed through the white hot aftermath of the starship’s explosion. Between the surface of the frozen moon and the safety of outer space had hung a cloud of smoke, flaming debris, Read the rest