An early review of THE GODBORN

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thegodbornnoborderStefan’s Bookshelf has an early, completely non-spoiler review of The Godborn, my next Forgotten Realms and book II of The Sundering series. Click over to read the whole thing, but my favorite bit is this:

“The book is fast paced, with several different groups of characters caught up in a maelstrom of events that ultimately lead them to a final epic scene. The prose and pacing were tight and each chapter pulled me further into the story, making it impossible to put the book down. ‚ÄčThere are many sad moments in The Godborn. Scenes that are so heartbreaking they take your breath away, yet just as Vasen walks the road between shadow and light, there are moments of overwhelming joy.”

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  1. Klurichir?
    Showing up in Godborn?
    The open threads of bad writing.

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