On Writing Tie-in Fiction – It varies!

The Erevis Cale TrilogyA follow up to some thoughts I posted on Twitter.  This is based on my own experience, obviously, as limited as that is.  I’m not sure how coherent all this is (I’ve been fighting a terrible cold) but here goes:

First, I write tie-in fiction (I write original world fiction, too, but I broke into the business writing tie-in).  I’ve written in the Forgotten Realms, Star Wars, and Warhammer. I was contracted to do … Read the rest


On Near Beer

NearBeerFound amidst the ruins of one man’s tastebuds:

“Journal entry, May 8th: 

It has been three days since I’ve consumed alcohol. Bourbon calls out to me in dreams, tempting me in a voice that sounds like Ashley Judd’s soft Kentucky drawl. From within the darkened recesses of my kitchen cabinets Single Malts distilled on Islay scream like Mel Gibson in BRAVEHEART: “Freedom!” they call, and it is all I can do to not heed their Read the rest


Recent news events and unfashionable thoughts on male aggression

LeviathanHere, have some unfashionable thoughts about human nature after listening to the terrible news out of Nigeria today (and the burgeoning international response to it). Now, as you read this, please take care to read what I actually wrote, and not what you think I wrote. This is an observation about men. It does not, even by implication, make any observations about women. Further, these are generalities, and, as is the case with all generalities, Read the rest


An open letter to my Star Wars and Forgotten Realms readers

TheHammer&theBlade(corrected)So, I’ve written tie-in fiction in Star Wars and the Forgotten Realms, two settings that I well and truly love in a way that’s probably illegal in a few of the southern states.  Those books have sold really well.  And there’s nothing that brings a pinpoint of feeble light to the otherwise dark pit of my soul more than having my stories read.  That said, it has come to the attention of management that some … Read the rest