First fifty pages of The Hammer and the Blade

Angry Robot Books has posted excerpts from several of their forthcoming releases, including The Hammer and the Blade.  Below is the first fifty pages of the book.  If you’ve been reading the excerpts I’ve been posting over the last several months, you’ve read some of this already, but most of it will be new.

As this is the opening of the novel, there are no spoilers, so please read, and share far and wide … Read the rest


The Once and Future Podcast with Anton Strout

I spent an hour chatting with the most excellent Anton Strout on The Once and Future Podcast. We discussed The Hammer and the Blade, Star Wars fiction, Forgotten Realms fiction, how I got my start writing in the Realms and the galaxy far, far away, differences between writing tie-in and original world fiction, and other writerly and/or geeky subjects. Have a listen.

For my part, I had a blast. Thanks again, Anton.

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What’s New in June?

What new releases do we have in June from Angry Robot, in the Forgotten Realms, and in the galaxy far, far away? Let’s have a looksee.

From Angry Robot, we have Night’s Engines, the conclusion of the Nightbound Lands duology, by Trent Jamieson. From the back matter:

Shale is dying. The vast, boiling maelstrom known only as the Roil has pushed humanity to the edge of extinction. The last cities teeter on the verge Read the rest