P90X-P90X2 Workout Review: KenpoX

P90X-Fitness-GuideIntro:  And lo!  I return with another review.  By way of background:  All of you know that I’ve been doing P90X or P90X2 for a while now.  If you’re so inclined, you can read about how that started here (spoiler: Like the ideas for Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and the transubstantiation of the Host, my idea to start P90X was birthed in pain and blood).

Disclaimer and or warning: I’m not a fitness guru.  I’m … Read the rest


Sometimes this writing gig is something else

Now and again something like this happens and it’s kind of humbling/flattering/awesome all at once. These, and letters from active duty servicemen and servicewomen, are among the emails I treasure the most (though I appreciate all reader mail; except the ones with nude selfies that I get from that one dude; STOP IT, BRO! ;-)).

Reprinted with permission:

“Dear Paul,

On March 1st 2012 my second child was born. During my pregnancy we did not … Read the rest



ADiscourseInSteel-largeThe mighty Tor.com has posted chapter one from my next novel, the second tale of Egil and Nix, the sword and sorcery bonanza (now with 27% more sorcery!), A Discourse in Steel.

It contains no spoilers so you should read it.  And if you haven’t yet ordered Discourse, or read the first tale of Egil and Nix, The Hammer and the Blade, then you should hurry and do so, lest a … Read the rest


Excerpt Two from The Godborn — Telemont and Rivalen

the-godborn-paul-s-kemp-the-sundering_zps128cff27As I mentioned here, Wizards of the Coast has graciously authorized me to post monthly excerpts from my forthcoming novel, The Godborn (book II of the Sundering Series), in the lead up to its October release.

I plan to post a total of six excerpts (saving the juiciest for last, natch :-)), one each month starting in April and going through September.  None will contain spoilers and each will be between 900 and … Read the rest


Learning to trust your back brain

headonkeyboardI’m often asked, “Where do your ideas come from?”

My answer is usually some variant of, “They come from everywhere: history, music, conversations with friends, movies (the character of Will Munny from Eastwood’s film, Unforgiven, partially inspired the Erevis Cale stories), fiction I’m reading (a passing reference in a short story in The Weird inspired a few scenes from A Discourse in Steel), lyrics to songs, the list goes on.

But the … Read the rest


P90X-P90X2 Workout Review: Plyocide

P90X2_PlyocideIntro:  By now all of you know that I’ve been doing P90X and P90X2.  You can read about how that started here.  Now, I’m not big-time into fitness or nutrition or what have you.  I’m a writer, a proud geek, and a family man. I love Doritos and Fritos, and Tony Horton and his eating plan can suck it.  NO ONE TAKES THE PAULMAN’S DORITOS! DORITOS ARE GOD’S MANA AND FED THE ISRAELITES … Read the rest


What’s new for May.

Continuing my monthly series of “What’s new” posts, with an eye toward making you aware of new releases from the publishers with whom I work.  Off we go!

Wendig-TheBlueBlazes_thumb[1]First, from deep within the rusty, metallic hell from which the robot overlords of Angry Robot Books look with disdain upon the world of flesh, comes The Blue Blazes, by Chuck Wendig.  Chuck has a unique writing voice that I very much enjoy.  From … Read the rest


May excerpt from A Discourse in Steel – “But unfair is the world. Woe and alack.”

ADiscourseInSteel-largeIt’s May, and therefore time for another monthly snippet from the next Egil and Nix novel, A Discourse in Steel (the sequel to The Hammer and the Blade).  As always, there are no spoilers and the purpose here is to give you a sense of the characters, their dynamic, and the tone of the novel overall.  I hope you enjoy.

Previous monthly excerpts are here and here.


Nix took a length of … Read the rest