Me, being a Pest at SFSignal

towerA couple things that might be of interest, both of which involve me being  a pest to the fine folks at SFSignal.  🙂

First, I did an interview with Paul Weimer for SFSignal, discussing Star Wars, the Realms, Egil and Nix, etc.  You can read it here.

Second, I participated in a Mindmeld run by Nick Sharps (and which includes many excellent authors), answering the question: “How has SFF influenced your life.”  You can … Read the rest


Release Date for The Godborn

The Godbornhas an official release date at last — October 1, 2013.  Huzzah! It also has an Amazon listing, which you can see here (I’m sure the listing for the Kindle format will be up soon). Double huzzah!  I’m excited about this and hope you are, too.

It looks like many of you have pre-ordered already and for that, much gratitude. As you can see from the listing, The Godborn is Book II … Read the rest


Miscellaneous Updatery

I had my head down in the word soup for a while there, but now I’m lifting my mien to the heavens, my visage dotted with a stray “L” and an “M” and at least one “Z,” all of them the alphabetic remnants of my stretch run, and shouting:  “IT IS FINISHED!”

*Cue Zeppelin’s Battle of Evermore as Paul, a fifth of single malt in each fist, ascends into the sky on a flaming chariot … Read the rest


Interview with the Examiner

I’m interviewed by Audrey Zuvich at the Examiner.  I think it’s one of the best interviews I’ve done, so I hope you’ll give it a read.  We talk The Sundering, Erevis Cale, Egil and Nix, and Star Wars.  My thanks to Audrey for such excellent questions. A taste:

AZ: My final question is if you could say something to your readers, what would you say to them?

Kemp: I’d say don’t do drugs, with the Read the rest