Book “trailer” for THE GODBORN.

Vasen-Cale-Sundering---Tyler-JacobsonI’m doing it the hard way.


*Slow build of background sound, Zeppelin’s Battle of Evermore*

[Close up of sallow skin, so close you see only pores and pockmarks]

*Slight increase in volume. The mandolin’s notes are like screams, growing louder*

[Slow pullback of camera, facial features filling the screen, a man’s features.]

*Plant’s voice rises, soft, but audible over the mandolin: Dance in the dark of night, sing to the morning light.*

[Eyes … Read the rest


E-signing for THE GODBORN

TheGodborncleanI’ve been getting a lot of email about this recently, so I’m going to change my usual MO for e-signings and go ahead and start The Godborn e-signing now.  If you choose to participate, I will mail your signed copy of The Godborn as soon as I have some copies in hand.  I’m hoping to have some from the warehouse soon, but it’s conceivable that I won’t have any until on or just after the … Read the rest


Is The Godborn a standalone novel?

Vasen-Cale-Sundering---Tyler-JacobsonI’ve been getting this question a lot.

The short answer:  Yes, The Godborn is a standalone novel.

The long answer:  Yes, but if you want to get a full view of the events of The Sundering, you’ll want to read all of the Sundering novels (and you should read them, because they’re excellent).  And, while The Godbornis standalone, I think readers will get a little more out of it if they’ve at least … Read the rest


For the wages of sin, and sales, is scotch

TheGodborncleanI had my sense of shame surgically removed in my youth, so I have no fear of getting a little egg on my face. Accordingly, I want to let you in on a little wager I made and enlist your help, if you’re willing.

As you know my next Forgotten Realms novel, The Godborn, releases in under a month, on October 1st. See the counter over there to the right? You already knew this … Read the rest