Happy Anniversary to us

Eighteen years ago today I lucked out and talked Jen into eloping.  We drove down to the Lucas County Courthouse in Toledo (the courthouse in Detroit was closed for the holiday) and got married before a preacher-for-hire and one of my lifelong friends.

After that, we got drunk, armed ourselves, and went on a nationwide crime spree for which we still have not been caught.   Suck it, Koppers!  🙂

Love you, Sweets.  Happy Anniversary.

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The year in review (and the money post)

This was an eventful year for me, writing wise.  Star Wars: Crosscurrent hit shelves in January and was well received, hitting the NY Times Mass Market Bestseller list at No. 10.  In June, The Erevis Cale Trilogy was released and it has sold many times the expected number of copies (assuming the beancounter I discussed this with was not lowballing sales expectations to me; thanks to all of you for helping me make that beancounter Read the rest


Deceived excerpts

For those who may be interested, SWTOR.com has posted Chapter One from my forthcoming novel, Star Wars: The Old Republic: Deceived.

Meanwhile, Starwars.com has posted Chapter Two, and Rebelscum.com has posted Chapter Three.  Please go forth, click, and read.

The excerpts give you a feel for the three main characters — Darth Malgus, who needs no introduction; Zeerid Korr, a former soldier in Havoc Squadron who is now reduced to smuggling;  and Aryn … Read the rest


Last Call for Autographed Books

Sending out signed copies of my novels for Christmas gifts makes me feel fat and jolly.  It also gives rise to a need to sneak about in homes while the occupants sleep.   Sometimes I just eat cookies.  Sometimes I watch you while you sleep.  Sometimes I try on your clothes.   BUT IT’S NOT WEIRD.

Anyway, I just sent out a few more signed novels this morning.  So I’ll break into someone’s abode tonight.  Hey, maybe … Read the rest


December 3, 2010

My forthcoming Star Wars novel, Deceived: A novel of the Old Republic, gets its first review on Amazon (well before its release date).  No real spoilers.  I hope it whets your appetite for the book.  🙂… Read the rest