Erevis Cale Omnibus e-signing

The Ervis Cale TrilogyOn June 1st, The Erevis Cale Trilogy Omnibus will be released.  I’m excited about this release not only because it’s a gorgeous book (look at that cover art, baby!) but because  it includes the three novels of The Erevis Cale  Trilogy and two Cale-related short stories, which are otherwise hard to come by.  The contents are as follows (and are in this order)

All  the Sinners Saints.  This short story originally appeared in Dragon … Read the rest


Democracy is our religion

I’ve written many times that democracy and its institutions are the true religion of this country.   That’s  an extraordinary thing, entirely modern, and quite rare in history.

Accordingly, matters of faith in the public sphere are and must be subservient to those institutions, to the overarching principle of pluralism.  This means that your faith, my faith, everyone’s faith, might take its lumps from those who think it’s ridiculous.  And no matter how  sincerely you hold … Read the rest


Erevis on e-books

Today is the day that all of my Erevis Cale novels become available on e-books.  Thus, I declare it Erevis Cale E-book Day and suggest that all of you play hooky from work and spend the day skulking in the shadows, slaying demons, and/or stabbing gods in alleys.  Really, it’s fun for the whole family.

The benefit of this new holiday (other than the skulking and demon slaying and god stabbing, which, hey, I encourage) … Read the rest


In which I become a pod person

The podcast interview of me by Star Wars Action News is available here (episode 240).  The interview starts about the twenty-two minute mark and goes on for about a half hour.  The discussion includes big Crosscurrent spoilers, so be advised.

The questions were quite excellent, but I make no claim for the quality of the answers.  I will say, however, that I use the word ‘Manichean’ at least once, and that I speak in tongues … Read the rest