It’s nice when this happens

TheHammer&theBlade(corrected)Sometimes readers get exactly what you tried to do with a novel and then they write it on the internet and then you are pleased. Why am I sharing this particular forum post? Well, because I like it.  And also because I don’t have anything else to blog about.

“I recently read the two Egil and Nix books by Paul S Kemp and found them really, really entertaining. The stories are played straight, not as Read the rest


It’s Mid-Week! Time to Choose Your Own Adventure!

 Wednesday stands before you, towering and ominous. Behind you lie Monday and Tuesday, their broken bodies cast like so much flotsam on the bleak shore. From behind Wednesday’s bulk you can hear the plaintive cries of Thursday and Friday, their voices small, diffident.
“Help us! We can take you to the weekend!”

Wednesday lumbers toward you, a mountain of flesh lined with sickly blue veins, a horrid, unwashed hill of stink and rage.

Do you:

Read the rest

Once more with feeling: This is why I write.

Yes, I love telling stories.  Yes, earning some coin telling those stories is a wonderful thing. But telling stories that touch people and affect their lives for the better? That’s what keeps the creative tank full (I received the following last night and share it with permission):

Mr. Kemp,

A few years ago, I discovered your Erevis Cale series, and the books helped me through a very dark and turbulent time in my life. They Read the rest


The latest in scam emails

These things really are getting ridiculous.  Just read this.  Crazy stuff.

Dearest beloved followers salutations!

My name is Dr. Paulus Kempongo and I am of the rich and have I need for trustworthy person such as you to my assistance in freeing $4,400,700USD, even now held in a lock box account with Credit Suisse London branch.

The lockbox is secure with a code developed by my late father, the honorable Zayus Kempongo, a political prisoner Read the rest


Top Five Reasons to Love the Return of Surge

Gamers and Meth Addicts rejoice, for Surge soda is back! Here, in no particular order, are the top five reasons to love the return of Surge:

5. You can shake a bottle vigorously, aim it at gamer buddies, tear off the cap, and do 2-12 points of acid damage. Alternatively, the same technique can be used to power wash your patio.


Meth addicts?  Gamers? Who can say?

Meth addicts? Gamers? Who can say?

4. If you have it Read the rest


SpecFic is a big goddamned tent, no?

The schisms that run through SF/F, both among authors and among reviewers/readers, puzzle me.  True, lately these fault lines seem to break along Conservative/Liberal lines, but there have been other lines in the past, and there will be others in the future.  Still, it’s puzzling because the genre has enormous scope, and there’s plenty of room for any and all types of Specfic, from Libertarian-minded Military Fantasy to Socialist-minded Weird Fiction, from hardcore Grimdark to Read the rest