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The Erevis Cale TrilogyI’ve been getting a fair amount of visitors to the site looking for the correct order to read the Erevis Cale stories, so I figured I’d just put up a post for Google to find.

The first thing I’m going to do is list is every damned Cale story in in-world chronological order (which isn’t publication order).  That’s for the completists.  Then I’m going to tell you the order I think you should read the stories to gear up for The Sundering and The Godborn.  Links to all of these books are at their respective listings at the top of the page.

In-world Chronological Order of the Chronicles of Erevis Cale

Another Name for Dawn, a short story that appeared in Dragon #277.  This is Cale’s “origin” story.

Resurrection, a novella in The Halls of Stormweatherbook I of the Sembia series.
Shadow’s Witness, book II of the Sembia series.

All the Sinners Saints, a short story that appeared in Dragon #297.

Twilight Falling, book I of The Erevis Cale Trilogy.
Dawn of Night, book II of The Erevis Cale Trilogy.
Soulbound, a short story that appeared in Realms of Dragons.
Midnight’s Mask, book III of The Erevis Cale Trilogy.

The entire Erevis Cale Trilogy (along with the short story, All the Sinners Saints, is collected into an Omnibus, too).

Shadowbred, book I of The Twilight War.
Shadowstorm, book II of The Twilight War.
Continuum, a short story that appeared in Realms of War.
Shadowrealm, book III of The Twilight War.

The Godborn, the second book of The Sundering.

So that’s that.

Now, what would I recommend to a reader new to the Cale stories, who maybe wants to gear up and get some background before the release of The Godborn?

For that I’d say read the three books of The Erevis Cale Trilogy, then the three books of The Twilight War.  If you don’t have time or inclination to read six books, then just read The Twilight War.

There.  Easy peasy.  🙂



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41 thoughts on “Erevis Cale reading order

  1. Until Erevis Cale, I thought that the best character I had ever read was Artemis Entreeri. Erevis was masterfully done and created. By chance did you ever play him in an actual game of D&D? My favorite character that I like to write about is Drexell Foulheart, a character I played in a D&D campaign. He really created himself. Well was just wondering.

    • Matthew,

      I didn’t, but Jak Fleet was based off a DnD character I played in a long running campaign.

  2. Can Soulbound or the two stories from Dragon issues be found anywhere on their own?

  3. Mr. Kemp.

    Is there any reason that the Erevis Cale Omnibus is not in electronic format? I’m an avid ready and would love to read the Omnibus before I move to part 2 of the Sundering but don’t feel I should have to revert to paper in order to do so. Is there any timeframe as to when the conversion will possibly take place.


    • Kenneth,

      I suspect it’s because the individual books of the Erevis Cale Trilogy are available as ebooks.

  4. I’m new to this universe, I need some help. Is there a book called The Sundering, or this is just a subtilte of the Godborn? Also why is it the “second book of The Sundering”?

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  6. Hi, I have been reading Forgotten Realms for a long time now. After reading all of Salvatore’s FR books several times I felt a little empty. I felt like no other books or characters could match that standard. Enter Paul Kemp and Everis Cale. Its nice not having to force myself to finish books again. This may not be the right spot to post this but I wanted to sat thanks and keep up the good work.

    • Thank you, Theo. That’s great to hear and I’m delighted that you’re enjoying the Cale stories. 🙂


  7. Hey PSK! Love D&D and all the Books I’ve read about Erevis Cale. One question. How come copies of book III of the Twilight War, Shadowrealm are so darn expensive in print? I’ve seen prices of new copies for almost $400 & used for $50-70. Also hope you have more adventures planned for Erevis & Vasen in the future. Good luck & Good fortune!

    • Short answer is because they’re rare. WotC needs to do another printing but so far shows no inclination to do so. Best bet is ebook.

  8. I am new to cale, and wanted to read from the beginning. Ty for posting this book order for me to find so easily on google. I will enjoy then withoutva doubt! Ty again!

  9. Just wanted to add my thanks to you, for adding such colorful n wonderful characters as Drasek, and Erevis to the Forgotten Realms. Your name will certainly be synonymous in my mind with Salvatore and Greenwood whenever my mind decides it wants to walk among the roads of Faerun again.

    • Aleah, there’s nothing on the immediate horizon, but I hope to revisit with Vasen and Erevis at some point.

  10. I started in the Forgotten Realms with Sea of Swords when it first came out by Salvatore.I just saw it on the shelf and said to myself this seems interesting.I immediately loved it and went out and bought every Drizzt that had been published up to that point and I have since read every one that has come out. Anyway I just want you to know that when it comes to Mr. Cale and I’m at the book store and I am looking at both the new Cale and Drizzt book and I only have enough money for one of them, I buy both. It’s like peanut butter and no jelly. It’s just not as good unless you have both.

  11. Paul- First, thank you for creating Erevis- clearly one of the best written heroes of the Realms! I had taken a hiatus from reading over the past few years, mainly due to an over-busy schedule. When I finally jumped back in a few months ago I caught up on Salvatore (always my go-to guy), and then continued with The Sundering. Though Salvatore and Greenwood shined as usual, you are right up their with them! Once finished, I looked up the Erevis Cale stories and found that my wife had already purchased all of them many years ago. I started off with Halls of Stormweather and then continued to Shadow’s Witness. From there I jumped ship on the Sembia series and continued on with the Cale Trilogy omnibus.. Here’s where the point of my story comes in.. Within the first few chapters of Twilight there is mention of an adventure Erevis had with Shamur.. Did I miss something? Did someone “borrow” Erevis for another of the Sembia stories? Should I have finished that series first, rather then continuing on with Erevis?

    • Dave Gross borrowed Cale for LORD OF STORMWEATHER. You don’t need to read it to go on with the Cale Trilogy. And I hope you’ll continue on with the Twilight War Trilogy after that. 🙂

  12. Mr. Kemp,

    I have been wondering where you came up with the last name of Erevis? It happens to be the same as mine from my fathers side of the family that I have not had much interaction with since a child. In my home state they have been a feared and rightfully so as a group for many things such as intimidation via physical violence, intelligence gathering to intimidate others,kidnapping, as well as murder; that of which my uncle is in prison at this time after 7 years of hiding the body. I myself was raised by my mother. I have been always known for my rash anger but knew the difference between good and evil and have used that aggressiveness of the Cales to protect others and speak for the good. I joined the Marines and continued to play D&D, reading the Forgotten Realms novels that I loved since a teen. Still I play and read of my love of such. I feel I am coming from the shadow and using it to make the world better using the darkness that is hereditary to me to do better for those that cannot protect themselves. I feel Erevis and I are kindred spirits. Thank you for great reading.

    • Honestly, I made it up. In world, it’s supposed to be a relatively common surname in Westgate. I like the short clipped sound with a hard consonant. Fit the character, I thought. Like a Klingon word. 🙂

  13. Mr. Kemp,

    Thank you for the response. I have read all of your Erevis novels up to The Godborn and am almost finished with it. I would ask that you please bring Azzrim back into the story line. He is a great NPC. The darkness that you bring to Forgotten Realms is a good and fresh change. So far to date The Godborn is the darkest Realms book I have read. Well done! I have read many of the Realms novels over the past 25yrs and yours hits hard and makes the gritty reality of the book what players should feel playing the game.

  14. First off I want to thank you for these amazing stories! The Twilight War Trilogy being the second Forgotten Realm series I’ve read you can only imagine my surprise when I found out about the Erivis Cale trilogy. The main reason I’d like to thank you is because when I started reading the series I was in a bad place just leaving the Marine Corps dealing with depression and PTSD. As I started reading Cales Trilogy I related to Cales story more then any other I had read. Dealing with love that wasn’t meant to be (aka Tazi) and regret with his past and the fight within himself to move forward to what he was becoming moved me and gave me hope. It was the escape from reality that I needed to keep me sane in my hard times and push myself to move forward. I’m reading Cales story for the 3rd time now and I don’t think I’ll ever tire of them and hope to pass them to my son one day. Once again thank you. Looking forward to more of your work in the future.

    • Cory,

      You have no idea how glad I am that the books helped you through a dark time. Thank you for letting me know. Take care of yourself, brother.

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