Deceived in audiobook format

My second Star Wars novel, Deceived, will be released on December 28th in both hardcover and audio format.   This will be the first time one of my novels has received audio book treatment and I’m kinda-sorta nervous about it.

Writing is (obviously) a very personal, and necessarily private/solitary endeavor, but it’s VERY much so for me.  I internalize the entire process and nothing gets out until I’m done.  I don’t use beta readers.  … Read the rest


Making a beancounter cry

WotC beancounter to Paul:  Hey, congrats on the upcoming release of The Erevis Cale Trilogy Omnibus.

Paul:  Thank you.  I’m really pleased  with it.  I think it’s a great place for new readers to start the Cale stories, and for longtime readers to get the stories in a better, longer lasting format.  Plus it has a couple extra short stories included, and–

WotC beancounter:  Based on the sales figures of other omnibuses in the current Read the rest


Why “Fictioneer”?

I am asked by a reader — Why do you call yourself a fictioneer?  Isn’t that a derogatory term?

Answer:  Why yes, I suppose it  is.  Merriam Webster gives the following definition:  One who writes fiction, especially in quantity and without high standards.

Ouch!  Curse you, Merriam-Webster! How could you betray me so?  *shakes fist*


Given that definition, why do I use the term?  Well, for a couple reasons. The first (and less important) … Read the rest


Cale Omnibus E-signing Continues

The Erevis Cale TrilogyA reminder that the e-signing for the Erevis Cale Trilogy Omnibus is ongoing and will continue through May.  Full details are here, but the upshot is that twenty dollars covers the purchase price of the omnibus, sales tax, and shipping (for destinations in the continental U.S.).  If you’re not in the continental U.S., I’m still happy to ship you a signed copy, but the cost will be somewhat higher (to account for shipping).    As always, … Read the rest


Okay, so coolest thank you I’ve received

As some of you know, I recently held a giveaway contest on my Twitter feed for five copies of Crosscurrent, my first Star Wars novel.  In fact, I just mailed off copies to the winners today.

Anyway, a Google alert flagged the following Youtube video, from one of the winners.  First video thank you ever. Very cool.  Thanks, Mike.

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