Fancy a signed copy of The Hammer and the Blade?

The Hammer and the Blade is on shelves worldwide.  I hope you already knew that.  Dear God, I hope you already knew that.

Anyway, as always with a new release, I’m doing an e-signing.  So if you’d like a signed copy of The Hammer and the Blade and you live in the United States, you can Paypal me $11USD (Paypal account is paulsvantekemp at yahoo dot com) and it shall be yours.  Just provide me … Read the rest


What’s new in July?

I’m late with this.  Been a busy couple weeks.

Anyway, continuing my monthly series of posts to bring to your attention new releases from the publishers with whom I work, I give you what’s new in July in the Realms and in the land of raging robots.

In the Forgotten Realms, we have the return of Richard Baker and his fun character Jack Ravenwild, in Prince of Ravens, which ties into the meta-series, Rise … Read the rest


Post-release review round-up for The Hammer and the Blade

My sword and sorcery novel from Angry Robot Books, The Hammer and the Blade, has been out for almost two weeks.  Given that, the time seemed right for another review round-up (first round-up was here).  To say that I’ve been pleased with reviewer response to the book would be an understatement.  I’m only going to excerpt a few of the more recent reviews below, but there are lots and lots out there.  … Read the rest