Status Update on The Godborn and A Discourse in Steel

A couple brief updates about some upcoming novels.

First, I just sent the completed manuscript for The Godborn off to my editor.  Huzzah!  It’s scheduled for release in October next year, as part of The Sundering.  Really looking forward to this hitting shelves.

Second, the Amazon listing for my next novel of Egil and Nix, entitled A Discourse in Steel (a sequel of sorts to The Hammer and the Blade), has some backmatter … Read the rest


Where we were, where we are (Election 2012, now with added prediction)

I’m writing this to provide some perspective on where we were and how far we’ve come under the current Presidential administration. Take it for what it’s worth (much of this is lifted from a similar Facebook post of mine).

In November of 2008, as the Bush Presidency was winding down, the U.S. economy lost 803,000 jobs. In December, the economy shed 661,000 more jobs. GDP during the last quarter of 2008 fell almost 10%, the … Read the rest