Second Excerpt from The Hammer and the Blade

As I mentioned in an earlier post, my editors at Angry Robot Books have allowed me to post monthly excerpts from my forthcoming sword and sorcery novel, The Hammer and the Blade, and I’ll be doing so through to the book’s release.  The first excerpt can be found here.  The second one is below.   This hasn’t been through final editing, so typos and awkwardness are mine.

In choosing the excerpts, I’m simply looking … Read the rest


Shadow’s Witness is available as an ebook

Shadow's WitnessAt long last, the first full-length Erevis Cale novel, Shadow’s Witness, is available as an ebook.  Huzzah!  Here’s a link to the Amazon Kindle version.  I don’t see a Nook version available on Bn.com yet, but I imagine it’s coming.

Shadow’s Witness is the first full-length novel I published.  As such, I think it suffers a bit from firstnovelitis, but I also think it remains a compelling read despite its shortcomings, and I’m delighted … Read the rest



Thursday is Thanksgiving in the U.S.  As is my wont at this time of year, I offer a post of thanks.

I’m thankful first for Jen, Lady D., and the Knights, who make my life richer and better.  I’m thankful for a great day job, especially so given the state of this economy.  I know many folks are struggling, that many are under- or unemployed, and if you’re one of those folks, you have my … Read the rest


Writing on The Walking Dead — Shane

Are you watching The Walking Dead?  I love the show and the reason I love it is the characters.  As I’ve always said when it comes to my own fiction:  If you come away talking about something other than the characters, then I’ve failed you.

Great characters are the core of great fiction.  Always.   And The Walking Dead has them in spades.

So, then, Shane (played wonderfully by Jon Bernthal).

Shane is one of the … Read the rest


Veterans Day

Today we recognize the courage, honor, sacrifice, and sense of duty demonstrated by those who serve.   So, my thanks to all the men and women who do or have worn the uniform.   For many, it’s the last thing they ever wear.  We should never forget that.

Here rests in honored glory an American soldier known but to God.

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The self-pub v. traditional publishing “debate”

This is making the rounds, so let me offer my view:  Anyone who tells you they have the way to becoming a successful writer is selling you snake oil.  Further, such a person is probably preying on your dreams/ambitions for their own purposes.

Consider:  there are many writers who’ve had success with self-publishing.  Too, there are many writers who’ve had success with traditional publishing.  So what can we conclude?  Well, nothing.

Joe Konrath appears to … Read the rest


War of the Spider Queen Omnibus

ResurrectionAs many of you know, I had the privilege of writing the sixth and final novel, Resurrection, in R.A. Salvatore’s War of the Spider Queen.  The series, edited by the dynamic duo of Bob Salvatore and Phil Athans, focused on the intriguing dark elves of Faerun, and explored what happened to their society when their spider goddess, Lolth, suddenly and inexplicably went silent.

The series was a lot of fun to work on (great … Read the rest


Meet Egil and Nix from The Hammer and the Blade

Yesterday’s post about my forthcoming sword and sorcery novel, The Hammer and the Blade, had a very positive response.  My sincere thanks.  You all rock.  The response was so positive, in fact, that my most excellent editors at Angry Robot Books have authorized me to post an excerpt from the novel.

So, let me introduce you to Egil of Ebenor and Nix the Quick, late of Dur Follin.  I think this bit, which joins … Read the rest


The Hammer and the Blade available for pre-order

You already knew that I signed a deal with Angry Robot Books to write two sword and sorcery novels featuring a pair of down at heel tomb tappers, adventurers, and loveable scoundrels named Egil and Nix, right?  I pray you already knew that.  Please tell me you already knew that.  🙂

If you didn’t, please go read the announcement and then come on back.

So, if you’ve enjoyed either my Erevis Cale stories or my … Read the rest