The Hammer and the Blade goes to reprint

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TheHammertheBladecorrected-175x264 (Mobile)A short post to say that I received word today that The Hammer and the Blade, the First Tale of Egil and Nix, has gone back for another printing.  This warrants the rare huzzahwoot.  Accordingly, HUZZAHWOOT!

My sincere thanks to all of you who’ve talked up the book, reviewed it, recommended it, etc.  It really means a lot and I appreciate it enormously.

And hey, in related news, the Second Tale of Egil and Nix, A Discourse in Steel, was released on June 25th and even now awaits your eyes.  Have a read, I say.

There is a Third Tale of Egil and Nix forthcoming, to be titled, A Conversation in Blood.  Tentative release date is June/July of next year.    

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15 thoughts on “The Hammer and the Blade goes to reprint

  1. Great to hear! I just started your second book and so far so good. It’s always good when you eagerly await what happens next. Will look forward to book 3.

    • Thanks, Norm. Much appreciated. 🙂

      And to everyone who’s read the E&N books: If you could take a moment to drop a short (or long, if you’d prefer) review on Amazon and/or Barnes and Noble, I’d be grateful (and Egil and Nix would buy you a beer and get you into trouble).

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  3. Love the Egil and Nix books! They remind me of a good concert, strange as that sounds. Ever gone to a show where the musicians just seemed to have a blast and it boosted your experience? Reading Egil and Nix makes me feel like you had as much fun writing as I did reading. It really is what makes the books for me. Thanks!

    • That’s wonderful to hear, Todd. Thanks. I do indeed have an absolute blast with these two and hope to write their stories for many years to come.

      And if you can spare a few moments to drop a review on B&N or Amazon, I’d be grateful. Readers’ words make all the difference.

  4. I read ‘A Discourse In Steel’ first, only because B&N was out of the ‘The Hammer & The Blade’ Great characters
    and great descriptions of Dur Follin, the Slick Tunnel, etc. Looking forward to the next book. Keep them coming!
    I am old school too, I read real paper books….AYE!

  5. Hello, am halfway through Hammer and the Blade and I am enjoying it very much. Reminds me of Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser books I read a quarter century ago, only better. Looking forward to A Discourse in Steel. I may even buy it instead of getting it from library!

      • Finished Hammer and the Blade minutes ago and in your acknowledgments you thanked Leiber, Howard, Brackett, and Moorcock. I’m not familiar with Brackett, but have read EVERYTHING by the other authors . Little wonder I like your writing if you have been inspired by them. One last thing: Please tell me how to pronounce Egil’s name. I don’t want to start book II not knowing! Thank you!

        • Steven,

          Delighted you enjoyed. Egil is pronounced “Egg-ill.”

          And you might want to give Brackett a try. It’s sword and planet. If you do, start with THE GINGER STAR.

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