Review of The Erevis Cale Trilogy and gameisms in the prose

The Erevis Cale TrilogyFirst, The Wertzone concludes a review of The Erevis Cale Trilogy with a nice review of Midnight’s Mask.  He sums up this way:

Whilst the book has an impressive ending, the explosions and magical exchanges are but a sideshow to a surprisingly emotional climax, as not all of our protagonists make it to the end and even the Sojourner is revealed to have a sense of the nostalgic (albeit a highly warped one). Ultimately, Read the rest


I missed the self-publication revolution — Whew!

Obviously I didn’t miss it entirely.  It’s going on in earnest even unto this very day.  But it’s a good thing for me that self-publishing was in its infancy when I started my writing career.  Why?

Well, when I look back on my writing, I see enormous growth in the quality and density of the prose (I’ve always been solid at characterization, pacing, and the like, but I’ve had to work at the prose).  Now, … Read the rest


Release Day Eve Riptide Mini-Excerpt

Star Wars Books has posted the final mini-excerpt from Riptide.  Tomorrow is release day.  For those of you who will pick it up, I hope you enjoy.  Meanwhile, here’s the last mini-excerpt:


“You give exactly no orders here, Jedi. Do you understand? You will do exactly what I say and only what I say.”

Jaden’s fist clenched in frustration. “Who are you? What do you want?”

“I will explain that in person, Jedi.”Read the rest


Why Riptide is my best Star Wars novel

Well, at least I think it’s my best.  🙂

Why?  Because Crosscurrent was my first Star Wars novel and I was still feeling my way around a bit.  And with Deceived there were a couple mild creative crimps I had to navigate (I still think they’re both excellent novels, mind).

But with Riptide, I feel much more like my editors impliedly said:  “Okay, you’ve earned some trust from us.  Now take the gloves off … Read the rest


Riptide Roundup

Riptide is a just a few days from release.   Of course, this makes me nervous, but so it goes.  Maybe you’re on the fence about the book?  If so, I’ve got a few things that can help with the decision.

First, Del Rey Spectra has posted the first fifty pages of the book for their Fifty Page Friday.  Have a read.  See if you dig.  Link is here.

Second, some reviewers received ARCs of … Read the rest


Flabby prose and powerful verbs (or, how C.J. Cherryh taught me about writing)

I aim to ramble and reminisce.  You are warned.

So, occasionally I see readers who are upset with a novel because they think it has too few pages.  I’m always puzzled by that.  I’d rather read a great story in 325 pages than I would a mediocre one at 500 pages.  I am, after all, paying for the story, not the page count.

Anyway, thinking about that complaint got me to thinking about spare v. … Read the rest


Second Excerpt from Riptide

Riptide is now a mere two weeks from its U.S. release (UK readers already have it and there’s some spoilery discussion going on here).  I’m excited and I hope you are, too.

Fortunately for me, Del Rey and Lucasfilm were kind enough to allow me to post a second exclusive excerpt from the novel.  It’s below and I hope you enjoy.  The excerpt doesn’t have spoilers, as such, but the subject matter may get … Read the rest


Exclusive Riptide Excerpt on Suvudu

Suvudu has posted an exclusive five page excerpt from Riptide, my next Star Wars novel.  The excerpt features Khedryn, possibly crazed escaped clones, and a few lost teeth.

You can read the excerpt here.  It contains no spoilers.

Riptide releases in the U.S. on October 25, but I understand that it is already available in the UK.  I hope readers across the pond are enjoying. 🙂 I’m eager to hear what you all … Read the rest


Riptide e-signing and a couple other things

Riptide is three weeks from hitting store shelves. Several book reviewers already have advance copies, so here’s hoping they’re enjoying the ride. Anyway, I wanted to mention a few things related to the book.

First, remember that my short story, A Fair Trade, will appear in October’s Star Wars Insider(issue #129, I believe).  The story features Khedryn and Marr before they meet Jaden, and thus before the events of Crosscurrent. I think you … Read the rest