The Dark Lord Bezos

And lo, in those years the shadow of the Amazonian reached forth from the dark, dread realm of the Internet to blight the world of print.  Seeing the darkness rise and spread, the Six Lords of Publishing trembled in their towers to the East.  They sought a champion, but found none; communed with the spirit of Gutenberg, and yet found no solace.  Fearful, they reinforced the walls of their keeps, festooning them with banners that … Read the rest


On Anti-Heroes

The most excellent Susan Morris interviewed me for Amazon’s Omnivoracious blog on the subject of anti-heroes — my thoughts on them, how I write them, and whatnot.  Susan asked some great questions.  Alas, I make no claims about the quality of the answers.  Still, have a read and see if I at least made sense.… Read the rest


Riptide mini-excerpt #6

Star Wars Books has posted a sixth mini-excerpt from Riptide, my next Star Wars novel (sequel to Crosscurrent).  With the release date fast approaching, I’m hoping they’ll release a longer excerpt soon. Anyway, here’s the mini, with Khedryn, Marr, and Jaden chatting about the lightsaber Jaden came to possess at the end of Crosscurrent.

“You do something to that? It looks different.”

Jaden smiled. “It is different.” He took the hilt Read the rest


Parenting Lesson

One of the hardest parenting lessons I’ve had to learn since the birth of the boys is to let my sons be the people they are. There were times when I thought that this or that aspect of their personality was going to make things harder for them in life, so maybe I should try to teach them/steer them in a different direction. This was a mistake. They’re not me. They don’t have to be … Read the rest


Capital Punishment

The Troy Davis case is at or near the top of the news cycle at the moment, but I don’t know enough about the particulars of the case to opine on it (though there appear to be significant questions about his guilt).  The case should, however, cause us to think about the death penalty.

I could write a long post about the pros and cons of the death penalty, capital punishment jurisprudence, etc. (having had … Read the rest


Shipping Autographed Books

This is the second most boring post of all time, exceeded only by my infamous “Poetry inspired by watching beige paint dry” post from 1996.  In fairness, that post did generate 200 heated comments in the inevitable “ecru v. tan” debate, but that’s neither here nor there for purposes of this post.

Anyway, in hopes that maybe one or two of my fellow authors might find this edifying, here goes.

I ship a fair amount … Read the rest