A Parable of the D&D Table (and the internet and life)

DandD01A parable of the D&D Table and, indirectly, life and the internet:

The ancient, heavily wounded red dragon has gathered almost all of the downed party members in his enormous claws and is about to take wing with them, carrying them off to who-knows-what dire fate.

Player playing the paladin: “I’m at zero hit points so I’m still barely conscious. I mouth a prayer to Tyr, put healing energy into my hands, and touch my … Read the rest


Why I write masculine stories



Many of you are here from external links, which probably means you haven’t heard of me before (woe!), which, in turn, makes my heart ache with a heretofore unknown degree of sadness (more woe!).  So, while you’re here getting your outrage on, or wondering what the fuss is about, have a look around at my other blog posts, too.  At minimum, please read my response to the silliness elicited by this post, and perhaps Read the rest