The dark truth about P90X

See the demonic glint in his soulless eyes? He will kill us all.

I’ve concluded that the P90Xvideos aren’t so much workout videos as they are a visual mechanism by which the essence of the demonic entity known in this world as “Tony Horton” (but variously known in other words and dimensions as “Zarkast the Dark,” “Amunium the Faithless,” and “Aaal, the Hater of Life and Bringer of Pain”) is injected directly into one’s … Read the rest


What’s new in December?

And here we continue my monthly series of posts highlighting a new release from each of the publishers with whom I work, in hopes of increasing awareness of these titles. Hopefully, you see something here that intrigues you and grab it for a gift, either for yourself or someone else.  Here we go.

From the the headquarters of Angry Robot Books, a glittering alloy spire jutting from jagged, rusty plains and rising high into … Read the rest


Signed books for the holidays

A reminder that if you’d like a signed copy of any of my novels for the holidays, all you need to do is email me at paulsvantekemp@yahoo.com, with “Autographed Books” as the subject.  In the body of the email, let me know which books you’d like and the shipping address.  I’ll get back to you quickly with the price.  Please, please email me with any requests sooner rather than later, so that I have time … Read the rest