Continuum — a short story

Realms of WarContinuum originally appeared in Realms of War (which is now long out of print, never made it into ebook format, and is therefore impossible to find). ┬áIt’s an important bridge story between the events of Shadowstorm and Shadowrealm, books two and three of The Twilight War, and also heralds the events of The Godborn, so I thought I’d share it to make it easy for those reading the Cale stories to have … Read the rest


Because Egil is getting whomped in the 2017 Cagematch

The Boys from Dur Follin take solace in their usual fashion, owing to the priest of the Momentary God getting smacked around in the 2017 Cagematch:

Nix chuckled. “You’re getting walloped, priest.”

Egil grunted. “So it seems.”

“I’m thinking it comes from being the priest of a god no one else worships,” Nix said.

“Bah,” Egil answered.

“Could also be because you’re generally abrasive and mostly unlikable. In truth, I don’t think people

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Meanwhile, in the Trump White House (part IV)

Meanwhile, in the Trump White House (part IV):

KUSHNER, out of breath: Sir, Patrick Stewart is coming to the U.S. to fight you.


KUSHNER: This is bad!


KUSHNER: He’s Professor X, Mr. President.

TRUMP: That baldy with the Cerebellum machine or whatever?

KUSHNER: Cerebro.

TRUMP: Whatever. Just change the travel ban to keep out mutants. Boom.

KUSHNER: Won’t work, sir. No agent could stop him. He could just implant a suggestion to let … Read the rest