The Chronicles of Erevis Cale

The stories of Erevis Cale begin with the Sembia Series, specifically the Halls of Stormweather and Shadow’s Witness (and if you’re not a stickler for reading in chronological order, either Twilight Falling or Shadowbred are good entry points to the Cale tales, too).

The Halls of StormweatherShadow's Witness
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After Shadow’s Witness, the Erevis Cale stories continue with The Erevis Cale Trilogy. The three books of The Erevis Cale Trilogy are available individually, or (in June, 2010) in a collected omnibus edition (that also includes two previously published short stories featuring Cale).


Twilight FallingDawn of NightMidnight's MaskThe Erevis Cale Trilogy
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After The Erevis Cale Trilogy, the story of Cale and his companions continues with the three books of The Twilight War.

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Building off of the events of The Twilight War, my next Forgotten Realms novel will be titled The Godborn.


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I’ve also written several Erevis Cale short stories:

Dragon issue 277Dragon issue 297Realms of the DragonsRealms of War

  • “Another Name for Dawn” Published in issue #277 of Dragon Magazine, tells the story of Erevis Cale’s flight from Westgate.
  • “All the Sinners Saints” Published in issue #297 of Dragon Magazine, it fits into the “Cale continuum” between the end of Shadow’s Witness and the beginning of Twilight Falling. (Download the free PDF.)
  • “Soulbound” Published in the anthology Realms of the Dragons, it ties in indirectly to the Erevis Cale stories.
  • “Continuum” The story of Erevis Cale and his companions continues in the tie-in anthology Realms of War.