Vacation through July 8th

The Kemp clan will be on the scenic shores of Lake Geneva, WI through July 8th.  I’m not sure what my internet access will be, so if things are more quiet than usual in these parts, you know why.

Have a great Fourth of July, all.… Read the rest


Excerpt from Deceived

I’ve received an affirmative from Del Rey/Lucasarts/Bioware to post an excerpt from my forthcoming Star Wars novel, Deceived.  As you know, the novel ties-in to the forthcoming MMORPG, The Old Republic, from Lucasarts/Bioware.

The  excerpt features in prose a scene you’ll recognize from the first cinematic trailer.  Here, you get a sense of  Malgus as a man.  Note, this has not been copyedited and copyright belongs to the holder, all rights reserved, blah … Read the rest


Phil Athans leaving WotC

My editor at Wizards of the Coast, Phil Athans, had his position eliminated yesterday.  You can read his announcement here.

Phil does not seem angry about this, so I suppose I  shouldn’t get angry either.  But I am.  From the outside, this looks to me like another dimwitted, short-sighted decision by corporate flunkies.  That’s all I want to say about that.

The point of this post is to say that I’ve been lucky to … Read the rest


Ephemera reviews

The post title is misleading, because there are no reviews for my 40K word short story collection, Ephemera. The book is, however, selling reasonably well, which means people have bought it and presumably read it.   If you’re one off those people, and have any feelings about what you read, the saints would sing Hosanna if you were to share them in a review on Amazon.

All right, maybe not the saints.  But I, at … Read the rest


Riptide — the sequel to Crosscurrent

Last night on Twitter I was able to reveal that Riptide is the title to the sequel to Crosscurrent.  I hope you like it.

Initially, I wanted to go with something containing “cross” but couldn’t come up with something everyone liked.  So I tried to find something containing “current,” but had the same problem.  Finally I hit upon Riptide and everyone seemed to like that.  I liked it, too, because it suggested a dangerous, … Read the rest


Dramatis Personae for Deceived

I’m hoping to get approval in July to begin posting excerpts from Deceived, my Star Wars novel set in the The Old Republic.  But in the meantime, I thought I’d  post the Dramatis Personae for the novel.  There are four core characters (these four are either point of view characters, or characters with a lot of  screen time) and several important, but non-core characters.

The Core Characters

Darth Malgus, male human Sith lord.… Read the rest