Growing in the Force

I’ve already announced this  on Twitter and Facebook, but since some of you may have missed it, I wanted to post on the blog,  too.

I have signed with Del Rey to write a hardcover duology set in the Star Wars
Expanded Universe.  To say that I’m pleased by this would be an understatement.  It’s  really an honor (and a helluva lot of fun) to contribute in some small way to the Star Wars EU.  … Read the rest


Supporting authors you like

Mindy Klasky offers some tips about how to support authors whose work you enjoy.  I gather from Mindy’s  post that this is an issue of some discussion in the blogosphere at the moment.

As far as I’m concerned, the most valuable form of support is word-of-mouth, whether that occurs online or in person.  And I suspect word-of-mouth carries the most weight when it takes the form of a simple recommendation:  “You really should read this!”… Read the rest


Head Down with Work

Blog updates have been few and far between and are likely to continue that way for a bit.  I’ve got a ton of work on my plate and, since time spent blogging is not time spent writing, the blog necessarily suffers.  Sorry about that.

I frequently provide bite sized updates via Twitter and Facebook, however, so if you want to keep up with happenings in Kempland, that’s a great place to catch me between blog … Read the rest


A couple things for a Friday

The Erevis Cale TrilogyFirst, I am continuing The Erevis Cale Trilogy Omnibus e-signing and plan to keep it going for as  long as Amazon offers the Omnibus at the current discount (that way I can keep a rotating stock in my library).  If you’re  interested and have a shipping address anywhere in the US, simply Paypal me $20 and I will send you a signed copy of the Omnibus.  If you’d like a particular dedication, just  let me … Read the rest