An interview

John Jackson Miller and I are interviewed by Dave of Dave’s Fantasy and Sci Fi Review.  I endeavor to be both amusing and profound.  I will allow you to judge whether I achieved either.  🙂… Read the rest


The Conqueror’s Shadow

Happy Bookday to friend and colleague Ari Marmell, whose novel, The Conquerer’s Shadow, is loosed upon the world this very day. I blurbed this book and said this:

“The Conqueror’s Shadow is a powerful fantasy, with well drawn heroes and delightfully wicked, yet complicated, villains. Ari Marmell has made his mark in the genre.” –Paul S. Kemp, author of The Erevis Cale Trilogy.

I believe that qualifies as an endorsement.  🙂… Read the rest


The Paul S. Kemp and Wizards of the Coast reunion tour

I’m pleased to announce that the matters I alluded to here have been resolved and that WotC and I are getting the band back together for a reunion tour.

This means that I will, in fact, be continuing the story of Riven, Mags, Cale, and his son, Vasen.  This pleases me muchly.  So much so that I think I’ll post a picture.

GodbornRead the rest


Writing a Pathfinder novel

The announcement has gone out in various places on the web, so I can confirm that I have signed a contract with Paizo to write a novel set in the world of Golarian (in Paizo’s Pathfinder line).  Golarian is an extraordinarily cool fantasy setting and I’m looking forward to writing this book.  I hope you’re as excited as I am.

I’m joining friends and colleagues Dave Gross and Elaine Cunningham in the Pathfinder fiction line, … Read the rest


Into the tomb of Disney

We recently returned from our sojourn to the so-called “Magic Kingdom,” demesne of the creature that calls itself “Walt Disney.”  To spare those of weak constitution, I will keep brief the tale of the dark events that befell our adventuring company there.

Upon entering the Magic Kingdom, I immediately discerned a disturbing lack of Pepsi products, such that no Diet Mountain Dew was to be found anywhere within the realm.  This roused my suspicions, since … Read the rest