ADiscourseInSteel-largeWell, today is the day.  The second tale of Egil and Nix, A Discourse in Steel, hits shelves.  Huzzah! Discourse is, of course, the follow up to The Hammer and the Blade (which Library Journal called, “Sword and sorcery at its rollicking best.”).

I plan to spend the morning chewing my fingernails, the afternoon wallowing in despair, the evening drunk on whiskey, and the small hours shouting my futile rage at the uncaring stars.… Read the rest


Third Excerpt from the Godborn — Magadon, with a side of Riven

thegodbornnoborderAs I mentioned here, Wizards of the Coast has graciously authorized me to post monthly excerpts from my forthcoming novel, The Godborn (book II of the Sundering Series), in the lead up to its October release (and do enter the drawing for one of five signed copies of The Godborn that I’m giving away.  Details here).

I’m posting a total of six excerpts, starting in April and going through September.  None will … Read the rest


Goodreads giveaway of A DISCOURSE IN STEEL

I’m giving away two signed copies of the next tale of Egil and Nix, A Discourse in Steel, through Goodreads. If you’re a Goodreads member, just click below and enter. Easy peasy. If you’re not a member, sign up, by God, then enter.

Goodreads Book Giveaway

A Discourse in Steel by Paul S. Kemp

A Discourse in Steel

by Paul S. Kemp

Giveaway ends June 25, 2013.

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June excerpt from A DISCOURSE IN STEEL – “A fakking horror is what it was.”

ADiscourseInSteel-largeIt’s June, and therefore time for the final monthly snippet from the next tale of Egil and Nix, A Discourse in Steel (the follow-up to The Hammer and the Blade).  As always, there are no spoilers and the purpose here is to give you a sense of the characters, their dynamic, and the tone of the novel overall.

Previous monthly excerpts are here and here.  In addition, Tor.com posted the entirety of Chapter … Read the rest


What’s new in June?

ADiscourseInSteel-largeThis month I’m deviating from my standard format for “What’s new…” posts because I want to highlight my own release this month.

So what’s new for June?  More Egil and Nix is what’s new for June, by God!

As you can see from the ticker over there to the right, the second tale of Egil and Nix, A Discourse in Steel, releases on June 25th.  It’s the sequel to The Hammer and the BladeRead the rest