Erevis Cale’s Origin Story: Another Name for Dawn

tncaleSeems that at least some folks are interested in catching up on the Erevis Cale stories before they dive into The Godborn.  Excellent!  You can see a complete list and ordering of the Cale stories here, but one of the stories that’s very hard to find is Another Name for Dawn, which is Cale’s origin story.  It appeared originally in Dragon #277.  I reproduce it here for those who’ve been unable to … Read the rest


Doctor Who and Egil and Nix

fezDoctor Who Eve got me to thinking about the series, the way it tells stories, and most importantly, the mood it sets in telling them.  It also got me to thinking what it did for my own storytelling.

In the past, when it came to the kind of stories I liked, it’s safe to say I preferred dark (very dark) dramas and the like to anything else.  I detested comedies (I still dislike most comedies, … Read the rest


Sale of Two More Egil and Nix novels to Del Rey

TheHammer&theBlade(corrected)I’m pleased to announce that I’ve sold two more Egil and Nix novels, A Conversation in Blood and Ass Kicking Sword and Sorcery IV: This Time it’s Personal (not the actual title; but really, shouldn’t it be?) to Del Rey. Here’s the link to the announcement.  As you can see, I’ll be working with the most excellent Frank Parisi, with whom I’ve had several gun duels and two whiskey-drinking contests.  Oh, and he also … Read the rest