The Year in Review, in Brief

champagneWe’re about to put 2013 in the rear view mirror.  I hope it was a great year for all of you and I hope 2014 is even better. I had a very good year, read some good books, watched some good shows, and enjoyed some great company.  The major personal and professional milestones:

First, we had our second daughter (and fourth child), Evelyn Sloane.  Kempland is abundant in love.

Second, everyone in Kempland is healthy … Read the rest


P90X3 Review: First Impressions



(Editor’s note:  After you’ve read this entry, you can read my review of the Strength Phase of P90X3 right here; in fact, all my fitness-related posts can be found by clicking one of the tags on this post).

So, I’ve done P90X, P90X2, thrown in some Insanity (you can read my earlier fitness related entries here; they’re gold, Jerry!  Gold!), and I received P90X3 a few days … Read the rest


If Egil and Nix met Cale and Riven then Tarantino. Obviously.

ADiscourseInSteel-largeI sometimes get questions like this:  “What would happen if Egil and Nix met Cale and Riven?”  Usually I dodge the question or laugh it off.  But David Craddock forced me to write an answer to that question for this interview with Fantasy Book Critic.

Turns out, the answer is Quentin Tarantino.  Weird.

Also, we talk the Sundering, Egil and Nix, tie-in fiction generally, and a variety of other things.  I hope you enjoy.… Read the rest


P90X or P90X2? Some musings.

p90x-articleThose of you who care about such things perhaps know already that I’ve done P90X and P90X2. I wrote about my general experience and results here, in case you missed it. And I reviewed Plyocide (from P90X2) and Kenpo (from P90X).

Sometimes I’m asked by folks who are considering trying one or both which one I prefer. At the moment, I do a hybrid P90X-P90X2-Insanity routine that works really well for me, and … Read the rest