A RIPTIDE teaser

The first-draft opening sentences of RIPTIDE (the sequel to Crosscurrent), at least as of  now, just to (hopefully) whet your appetite:

Jaden kneeled, a penitent at prayer, as blood leaked from his temple and the shrieks of an alarm rose and fell in time with the lurid flashes of overhead lights.  He swallowed, put a hand to his head, felt the blood, the small hole there.  The rapid flashes made his movements appear herky-jerky, … Read the rest


An interview and a review

You probably missed this over the weekend, because, unlike me, you actually did fun things on Saturday and Sunday, as opposed to packing up all your worldly possessions and wondering just how in the Hell it will all be ready for the movers.

So, I did a fun interview with Galactic Holofeed(direct link to audio feed is here). We talked Crosscurrent, Deceived, Star Wars generally, and lots at the end about … Read the rest


E-books on the royalty statement

For the first time, sales of e-books appeared on my royalty statement from WotC. The statement does not break them down by format, but I presume the bulk of e-book sales are in Kindle format.

So, e-book sales of  the individual titles of The Erevis Cale Trilogy made up 37% of all sales.  On the other hand, e-book sales of the individual titles of The Twilight War made up only 8% of all sales.   Why … Read the rest


Why I Keep Writing

In part, because it’s a blast, and getting paid to do something that’s a blast makes me giggle maniacally.   Every once in a while, though, I’m reminded of a more important reason.  The following is reprinted with permission:

Paul I’d like to thank you for sharing your talent with all us devotees and everyone else.  Your works have helped me through a lot.  I’m going through a lot of bad stuff, one of the big Read the rest