Riptide e-signing and a couple other things

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Riptide is three weeks from hitting store shelves. Several book reviewers already have advance copies, so here’s hoping they’re enjoying the ride. Anyway, I wanted to mention a few things related to the book.

First, remember that my short story, A Fair Trade, will appear in October’s Star Wars Insider(issue #129, I believe).  The story features Khedryn and Marr before they meet Jaden, and thus before the events of Crosscurrent. I think you will dig.

Second, on the subject of Riptide generally: I did some things with the story that I regard as unusual/risky (YMMV, of course). I think it all works out quite well, but I’m very curious to see reader response.

Third, as always with a new release, I’ll be doing an esigning. If you’d like a signed copy of Riptide and you live in the U.S., just Paypal me $11 ( and I’ll sign it however you want and ship it off to a U.S. address you designate.  The whole process is very easy. If you live overseas, I can ship it there, too, but the price will be $6 for the book plus the shipping cost to your exotic locale. Just email me first to inquire (include your address) and we’ll figure it out.

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11 thoughts on “Riptide e-signing and a couple other things

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  2. So if I’m not in the US and I’m not overseas I guess I’m outta luck. 🙁

    Being Canadian rocks, but sometimes it feels like we’re invisible.

    • I love Canada and Canadians! I’m just using “overseas” to mean “non-U.S. address.”

  3. Good friend of mine got me into Star Wars recently. In short period of time Ive purchased Crosscurrent (good so far btw Paul), beat Star Wars: Force Unleased and been beta testing Old Republic. Its a good change from Fantasy/Super Hero Im used to

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