Emotional and Intellectual Closure

There are many ways we can talk about and/or analyze a novel’s structure.  But one of the blunt tools I use when writing a novel is to think of two broad threads that run through the narrative.

There’s an emotional thread, which is more or less the emotional pace of a book, the way in which events in the book, by way of the characters’ experiences, resonate with a reader’s emotions.   This is the thread … Read the rest


New books in October

Man, October came on fast, didn’t it?  I believe I may have come unstuck in time, but that’s between me and the Tralfamadorians, so let’s just move on.  Here are some new releases for October.

In the Forgotten Realms, we have Neverwinter, by R.A. Salvatore, book II of the Neverwinter Saga.  Neverwinter continues the story of one of fantasy’s most iconic characters, the dark elf Drizz’t Do Urden.   From the back matter:

With the Read the rest