It’s Mid-Week! Time to Choose Your Own Adventure!

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¬†Wednesday stands before you, towering and ominous. Behind you lie Monday and Tuesday, their broken bodies cast like so much flotsam on the bleak shore. From behind Wednesday’s bulk you can hear the plaintive cries of Thursday and Friday, their voices small, diffident.
“Help us! We can take you to the weekend!”

Wednesday lumbers toward you, a mountain of flesh lined with sickly blue veins, a horrid, unwashed hill of stink and rage.

Do you:

1. Draw your sword, cut a tunnel through the foul mound of flesh, and find your way to Thursday and Friday? If so, turn to page 65.

2. Drink your fill from your wineskin, pass out drunk in the sand, and wait for Wednesday to pass? If so, turn to page 156.

3. Realize that Wednesday is hump day and is, therefore, your chance to do the hump? If so, do the Humpty Hump! Come on, do the Humpty Hump!

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