The latest in scam emails

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These things really are getting ridiculous.  Just read this.  Crazy stuff.

Dearest beloved followers salutations!

My name is Dr. Paulus Kempongo and I am of the rich and have I need for trustworthy person such as you to my assistance in freeing $4,400,700USD, even now held in a lock box account with Credit Suisse London branch.

The lockbox is secure with a code developed by my late father, the honorable Zayus Kempongo, a political prisoner of General Idid’s regime. Such code was written in invisible ink on the pages of a book! then smuggled out in the pages! Of the book! The title of this book is THE HAMMER AND THE BLADE, by your American, Paul S. Kemp.

Please to purchase a copy of this book at your nearest store! Now! Now! Even perhaps two copies and reply to me earnestly. I will reveal to you the page to check and method for revealing of the invisible ink. And the code! If you have the book with the code, you will send the numbers to me and 33% of the proceeds of the trust fund shall be immediately wired to your account. Rich you shall be, friend! But if not the code be in the book, then a good read you shall have anyway, for Egil and Nix amuse muchly!

I await word from you anticipating, beloved. Peace to you and love.

Dr. Paulus Kempongo, MD, PC, NPC, HP, AC, PhD, THACO, ZOMG.

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