Is The Godborn a standalone novel?

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Vasen-Cale-Sundering---Tyler-JacobsonI’ve been getting this question a lot.

The short answer:  Yes, The Godborn is a standalone novel.

The long answer:  Yes, but if you want to get a full view of the events of The Sundering, you’ll want to read all of the Sundering novels (and you should read them, because they’re excellent).  And, while The Godbornis standalone, I think readers will get a little more out of it if they’ve at least read The Twilight War(though, again, it’s not mandatory).

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19 thoughts on “Is The Godborn a standalone novel?

  1. I know the sundering novels are just starting but is there another cale novel planned in the near future ?

    • I am under contract for two more (at least) FR novels after THE GODBORN. The proposal I’ve submitted builds off events of The SUndering and THE GODBORN (though THE GODBORN is a complete story in and of itself).

  2. Begs the question, Paulman. Will you be writing further Forgotten Realms novels? Esp. now that we are back(?) to the old ways?

  3. It would be amazing if you continued the Cale series, it just doesnt feel right that godborn is a standalone novel.

    • Noor,

      I’m under contract already for two more FR novels, and they build off THE GODBORN (it’s just that THE GODBORN is a complete story in and of itself). So no worries.

  4. Very interested in seeing how you portray the Gods, Paul. I notice that in recent Forgotten Realms books, they rarely show up in person to explain stuff. But does GODBORN give us a better idea of Mask and Shar’s moltivations?

  5. I like Cale & Riven I realy enjoyed Jak Fleet. Old characters, new characters, Realms, Egil & Nix just keep writting!

  6. I’m a big fan of FR and have always collected Hardcover books that I read. R.A. Salvatore has started this e-signing where he signs books before shipping out for us that don’t have book signings close by. Will you be doing this in any fashion or are you going to be doing any scheduled book signings?

    • Charles,

      I do the same thing and will announce an esigning as soon as I have some copies in hand to sign. 🙂

  7. I have been reading some concerning posts on Twitter about your writing slowing down. I understand,, family must come first and with your new baby I can even understand your thinking. Lawyer by day, won’t hold that against you, author when you can find time and then three young children. Its hard for me to say that and then turn around and say this. I think the Twilight War Trilogy set up by the Erevis Cale Trilogy are the greatest books I have ever read. And I don’t say that without putting a lot of thought into it. I am 41 years old and a lifetime reader. I read all your other books and enjoy them as well, but I think it would be an absolute shame if you did not continue writing in the realms well beyond your two book contract. You have an extraordinary gift Mr Kemp. Please continue sharing it with us.

  8. Thanks for this book Paul. I thoroughly enjoyed all of your books, but appreciated the end of this one in particular. Very much looking forward to your next adventure.

  9. I would like to leave a comment and say your Cale Books have become my favorite books. I used to be a drizzt fan, but now it is Cale. I enjoy how he is an anti-hero. I like the dark side of your books and your new books can not come soon enough. I look forward to them more then any other book that comes out.

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