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TheGodborncleanI’ve been getting a lot of email about this recently, so I’m going to change my usual MO for e-signings and go ahead and start The Godborn e-signing now.  If you choose to participate, I will mail your signed copy of The Godborn as soon as I have some copies in hand.  I’m hoping to have some from the warehouse soon, but it’s conceivable that I won’t have any until on or just after the release date (October 1).

In any event, if you’d like to order a signed copy (or copies) of The Godborn, and you live in the United States, just Paypal me $25 dollars (EDIT AS OF 10/7: THE PRICE IS NOW $30; sorry about that, but I’m out of stock and the price has gone up on Amazon).  Include your shipping address, to whom the book should be dedicated, and anything else you’d like me to write (otherwise, I’ll ad lib something).  My Paypal address is my public email address, paulsvantekemp at yahoo dot com.

Now, if you live outside the United States and want a signed copy, before sending me anything via Paypal, first send me an email with “Godborn esigning” in the subject line, and let me know your shipping address.  I’ll estimate shipping and send you back a total amount.  If you choose to go forward, you can then just Paypal me that amount.

Easy stuff.  Hope to hear from you.

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14 thoughts on “E-signing for THE GODBORN

  1. Awesome Paul, just ordered mine! Can’t wait to have some alone time with The Godborn and catch up with old friends! I hope your enjoying the new addition to your family. Take care Sir!

  2. I can’t wait to read it. I now strictly buy for the Kindle, which has the release date of Oct 1st in Canada. Is this across the world or can I get an earlier copy?

  3. I have to get my copy for the WOTC bookclub. I have a signed copy of The Companions and now I can add a copy of The Godborn to the collection. Thanks Paul.

  4. Just ordered Mine. SO STOKED FOR THIS BOOK! I wish all of the Cale series was published in hardcover. I would buy them all again… for the third time! (Had to buy the omnibus when it came out even though I have them in paperback and the two dragon magazines.)

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  7. Is the price that is listed a Hardcover or Paperback edition of the book? If it is a paperback, would I be able to request a Hardcover? Trying hard to collect all of R.A.’s books but finding signed hardcovers is becoming “interesting”. I would love to start adding your work to the my collection.

    • George,

      That’s hardcover price (assuming you’re in the US) though it’s now $28 dollars rather than $25 (because I’m out of copies and can’t get them as cheaply now as I could then).

  8. Hi Paul,
    My daughter loves your books.
    She is also a Facebook friend of yours (Jamie Smith).
    Her birthday is 10/23, and I would love to get a signed copy for her, for me to bring to Memphis when we go celebrate our birthdays, (yes my bday is the same day) 🙂
    Is there a chance if I send payment, that you could sign this and I receive the book for her before 10/18?

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