WotC Posts the Prologue to THE GODBORN

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TheGodborncleanMy next Forgotten Realms novel,The Godborn, releases in a bit over two weeks. Very excited!  You’ve already read about my wager with my editor, yes?  If not, please do.  🙂

So Wizards of the Coast has posted the prologue to the novel and you can read it here. I think it’s the best opening I’ve ever written, surpassing the openings of Shadowbred and Riptide, which used to be my top two.

I hope you enjoy.

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6 thoughts on “WotC Posts the Prologue to THE GODBORN

    • Ha! In the short run, I’d need to win the lottery and/or start earning a lot more money from writing (to replace my day job salary and still keep the status quo vis a vis my family’s lifestyle). Tough row to hoe. 🙂

      That said, full time writer status will happen one day, just in the longer term.

      • I’ve always enjoyed your “By the numbers” posts about the ins and outs of the business side of writing. I think for the layman it’s hard to understand how some writers like Salavatore can be full-time, but you aren’t when in my mind I see you as equals. Meaning, I buy and read the same from both…both are as impactful to me personally. Obviously it’s about sales, but I guess it’s hard to understand why other people don’t buy/read/love in the same numbers when it seems like a given to me.

        • I couldnt agree with you more. Just thinking of the Cale trilogies makes my heart pound. Paul I hope you get new york times best seller for this. If I have to, I will buy out all the books I see at Chapters/indigo bookstore!!

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