The Hammer and the Blade available for pre-order

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You already knew that I signed a deal with Angry Robot Books to write two sword and sorcery novels featuring a pair of down at heel tomb tappers, adventurers, and loveable scoundrels named Egil and Nix, right?  I pray you already knew that.  Please tell me you already knew that.  🙂

If you didn’t, please go read the announcement and then come on back.

So, if you’ve enjoyed either my Erevis Cale stories or my Star Wars books (or both if you’re one of the kewl kidz), then you’re going to love the tales of Egil and Nix.

The first tale of Egil and Nix, entitled The Hammer and the Blade, now has an Amazon listing and a Barnes and Noble listing, which is awesome and makes the book feel real.   No cover art yet, but hopefully that will appear before long.

Now comes the part where I ask a favor, which I don’t often do.  Here it is:  If this is a book you’re likely to pick up (because you’ve enjoyed my other work and trust me to spin a great tale), then please consider pre-ordering it now.  Today.  This minute.   Many of you have already done so and I’m enormously grateful for your trust.  It’s a big deal to me.

Why am I asking this?  Well, preorders are great for authors for a host of reasons, but two of the big ones are that the number of preorders sends a signal to the publisher about the appropriate size of the print run, and also sends a signal to the book buyers for the big sellers (like B&N and Amazon) about how many copies they should order.   See?  A big deal.  Big.

Obviously, my problems/issues are not your problems/issues and if pre-ordering isn’t your thing, or you’re otherwise annoyed by this post, please ignore it and carry on.  No worries.  But if you’re going to buy this anyway (maybe you’re one of my longtime readers who purchases most or all of what I write, or maybe you’re just made of awesome and filled to your eyes with awesomesauce), then please consider pre-ordering it from Amazon or Barnes and Noble at the links above.

My sincere thanks in advance to those who do so.  You make me grin like a fool.  🙂

Meanwhile, back to it.

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17 thoughts on “The Hammer and the Blade available for pre-order

  1. Annnd it’s pre-ordered. It helps that Amazon does have that pre-order price guarantee.

    HOWEVER. Those of us who pre-ordered now OWN you. Amazon says June 26-July 3. And Amazon is NEVER Wrong. You have to get it out by then! Or else…Something,

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  3. If it helps get more recognition for your work in the industry, then I’m sold. I have also pre-ordered! I look forward to reading it :)! Congrats again, Paul.

  4. Don’t see a pre-order for the eBook version (yes, I know they don’t run out or order more copies but hey). Let me know when that is out and I shall pre-order.


    • Nick,

      Yeah, I don’t know when they allow ebook preorders, but I’ll throw up a post when I see it allowed.

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