War of the Spider Queen Omnibus

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ResurrectionAs many of you know, I had the privilege of writing the sixth and final novel, Resurrection, in R.A. Salvatore’s War of the Spider Queen.  The series, edited by the dynamic duo of Bob Salvatore and Phil Athans, focused on the intriguing dark elves of Faerun, and explored what happened to their society when their spider goddess, Lolth, suddenly and inexplicably went silent.

The series was a lot of fun to work on (great authors, great editors) and turned out to be enormously popular (all in, I think Resurrection has sold darned near two hundred thousand copies, for which I owe Bob Salvatore a giant ‘thank you’). As for my part in it, people seemed to either really love Resurrection or hate it, and when they hated it, they hated it with the blazing heat of ten thousand suns.  I’ve gotten more hate mail about Resurrection  than any other book I’ve written.  Hell, more than for all my other books combined.  Why is that?  Well, because a certain character dies in my novel.  And man, did that death piss some people off.  It always made me chuckle when I received a hate mail, but it weirded my wife out.  I figure it just comes with the territory and to this day I’m tempted to go to GenCon wearing a t-shirt that says, in all caps, “I KILLED _______________.  AND I’D DO IT AGAIN.”

Likely that’d be counterproductive.  🙂

Anyway, The War of the Spider Queen is now available in Omnibus format, celebrating the tenth anniversary of the series (which means that I’m old and soon to die).  There are two omnibuses, each collecting three books of the six.  The first omnibus collects Dissolution, by Richard Lee Byers, Insurrection, by Thomas M. Reid, and Condemnation, by Rich Baker.  The second omnibus collects Extinction, by Lisa Smedman, Annihilation, by Phil Athans, and Resurrection, by me.

If you like dark elves, the Forgotten Realms, or just a dark, epic journey that spans the planes of existence, all made by protagonists of questionable morality, then this is the series for you.  🙂  I hope you’ll check it out.

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8 thoughts on “War of the Spider Queen Omnibus

  1. Seriously? The death made that series. I loved the ending!! It was the epic of the series. Characters die. It makes the story believable. Again epic.

  2. I must admit, I am somewhat disappointed with the cover art. I mean, just compare it to the Erevis Cale Omnibus cover art, it completely dwarves it.

    It’s really sad that, for tenth anniversary and omnibus, they decided to re-use 10 year old artwork. :/

    Is this perhaps a mockup cover, which will change prior to publication?

  3. I don’t recall seeing much in the way of Omnibus books prior to the Everis Cale one. Are they common? Do you think that the success of the Cale Omnibus played a part in the release of the War of the Spider Queen as an Omnibus? Is there a Twilight War Omnibus in the works? My grassy-knoll theory on the pushback of Godborn’s release date is that somebody wanted to make some dough on a Twilight War Omnibus, first.

    • The timing is just coincidental, I think, and the decision to produce omnibuses probably had more to do with the success of Black Library’s omnibuses than anything else.

      As for a Twilight War Omnibus — I’m told there are no plans at this time. But who knows what the future will bring?

  4. Having read the whole series as it came out and then read it again… sometime… I’m kind of stumped as to which death in Resurrection got people all riled up. You snuffed alot of Drow in that one. At the time I was more annoyed that the major death of the previous book in the series was not somehow undone. My favorite Drow pure fighter (and DDM skirmish piece) deserved a better fate.

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