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Today is the day that all of my Erevis Cale novels become available on e-books.  Thus, I declare it Erevis Cale E-book Day and suggest that all of you play hooky from work and spend the day skulking in the shadows, slaying demons, and/or stabbing gods in alleys.  Really, it’s fun for the whole family.

The benefit of this new holiday (other than the skulking and demon slaying and god stabbing, which, hey, I encourage) is that you can now carry a shadowy assassin, shadovar high priests, a one-eyed assassin with major attitude, some demons and/or slaadi, and even a dragon or two, around in your very own e-book reader.  That could come in handy, I imagine.

So, here’s Cale for Kindle, for Sony, for the Nook, and for Mobipocket.  There may be other versions out there, too.  It’s all very confusing to a simple caveman lawyer like me.

Oh, and while you’re eyeballing the many e-book possibilities, why not take a look at Ephemera, too.  I mean really, why not?  I wrote it, I think it’s pretty good, but even if you think it’s the suck, you’re only out a buck.

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