April 12, 2010

My radio  interview with Fictional Frontiers will air  tonight in Philadelphia.  A  recorded podcast will be available after the broadcast.  Check the site for details.… Read the rest


Ephemera: Dark stories from the mind of Paul S. Kemp

I have compiled and self-published the modest amount of original (i.e. non-tie-in) short fiction I’ve written (about 40,000 words) into a slim volume, Ephemera: Dark stories from the Mind of Paul S. Kemp, which is now available for your Kindle.

Most, but not all, of the stories have been published in other venues. The description has not yet trickled through Amazon’s systems to the book’s listing, so I’ll mention that the subject matter of … Read the rest


And lo, the Fictioneer surpasses 40

As of this day, I’ve been kicking around on this ball of dirt for a very solid forty one trips around the sun.   As family lore would have it, the first words I uttered upon first viewing this joint were:  I have come to kick ass and chew bubble gum.

I’ve been out of gum ever since.  😉

I imagine my last words will be something embarrassing like:  I wonder what happens if I push Read the rest