Interview on Fictional Frontiers

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Today at 5PM EST, my podcast interview with Sohaib on Fictional Frontiers will go live.  Most likely, I said silly things.  It’s possible, however, that I said a thing or two worth hearing.  We talked a lot about Deceived, but used that as a springboard for discussion of some broader writing-related issues.  I hope you’ll have a listen.

Meanwhile, Deceived will be released on the morrow.  Big day for the Paulman.   I hope you’ll consider picking it up.  As I’ve mentioned before, it’s a standalone novel that does not require extensive knowledge of Star Wars history to enjoy.  And if you enjoy my writing generally (particularly if you enjoy the kind of characters I create and write about), then you’ll enjoy this.  It’s very much in my usual tone and style.

And here’s the book trailer again, because, you know, it’s cool, baby.

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2 thoughts on “Interview on Fictional Frontiers

  1. Question: In Deceived, is Aryn Leneer (love the name by the way) suposed to be the Jedi in that clip? While I was reading I just assumed so, she kind of matches the description, except the lightsaber color.

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