Bookday for Deceived and new reviews

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Well, today’s the day.  Deceived hits shelves, and/or hits your Kindle or Nook or eReader.  I hope you’ll pick it up.  And if you do, I hope you enjoy it.  There are lots of reviews on Amazon (from Vine Program participants) to give you a sense of what readers think of the novel.   And reviews are starting to hit the net in other venues, too.  Here are links to a couple of early ones.

First, one from Jim Haley (aka Kirr) at the New Jedi Order Encyclopedia. My favorite bit from the review is this:

Paul Kemp does in 50 pages what it takes other authors 100 pages to do, not because it’s bare-bones but because he knows how to write both an entertaining story as well as an emotionally involved story.

Second, from Rooqoo Depot, which contains this bit:  Overall I greatly enjoyed Deceived and it definitely whets my appetite for more novels from Paul Kemp.

I’m pleased that most folks seem to be enjoying the novel.

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6 thoughts on “Bookday for Deceived and new reviews

  1. Just picked up my copy today, can’t wait to read it! Thanks for writing this, and I hope to see more Old Republic material from you in the future.

  2. I had forgotten I had pre-ordered the e-book from Amazon and was pleasantly surprised to get an e-mail saying the book was ready for download.

    Going to finish the book I am currently reading and start up on Deceived.

    Paul I wish you the best on your sales! If things go well it means we will be seeing more 🙂

  3. Very good so far. I’ve been talking all your books up to everyone who will listen. Got a commitment from a guildy in an online game to check out your books.

    • I appreciate that a great deal, Apollo. Word of mouth is the coin of the realm, as it were, and I”m always honored when someone thinks enough of my work to recommend it to friends/family. So, thank you.

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