Growing in the Force

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I’ve already announced this  on Twitter and Facebook, but since some of you may have missed it, I wanted to post on the blog,  too.

I have signed with Del Rey to write a hardcover duology set in the Star Wars
Expanded Universe.  To say that I’m pleased by this would be an understatement.  It’s  really an honor (and a helluva lot of fun) to contribute in some small way to the Star Wars EU.  I’m grateful to Del Rey and Lucasfilm (especially Shelly and Sue) for giving me the opportunity.

Of course, at this point I can literally say nothing more about the duology.  Sorry about that.  But if  you’re interested in reading other work off mine set in the EU, you could check out Crosscurrent, the forthcoming Deceived, or the sequel to Crosscurrent, the forthcoming Riptide.

Meanwhile, back to work.  🙂

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10 thoughts on “Growing in the Force

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  2. All right! I’m glad to here you’ll be returning to the EU after Riptide. Can’t wait to find out what you’ll be writing about. The suspense will slowly consume me…

  3. Hehehe I’m thinking along two directions – maybe Sue and Shelly digged Deceived so much that they gave you another TOL gig (but no necessarily as a tie-in for the MMO), or you’re doing something post-FotJ with Jaden an co… But then again, whatever it is, it’ll rock either way. 🙂 Sue and Shelly know talent and writers that’re good for the EU, so a huge congrats once again. 🙂

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  6. I really liked Crosscurrent Paul Kemp. I’m really looking forward to your Star Wars hardcover duology. I hope it will be set after Fate of the Jedi and that it will feature the Big 3(Luke,Han and Leia). I’d love to see your take on the three classic movie characters of all time.

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