Supporting authors you like

Sharing is caring!

Mindy Klasky offers some tips about how to support authors whose work you enjoy.  I gather from Mindy’s  post that this is an issue of some discussion in the blogosphere at the moment.

As far as I’m concerned, the most valuable form of support is word-of-mouth, whether that occurs online or in person.  And I suspect word-of-mouth carries the most weight when it takes the form of a simple recommendation:  “You really should read this!”

I’ve said it  before and I’ll say it again:  I consider it  a high honor when a reader recommends my work to someone else.  It’s the finest compliment I could receive about my writing and to those of you who’ve done it in the  past and will do it in the future — you have my thanks.

And, uh, I’d be grateful if you’d  keep on keeping on.  😉

Sharing is caring!