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I like to mention Ephemera once or twice a quarter because if I don’t, well, not that many people buy it.  And if people don’t buy it, the seas boil, the moon turns red as blood, lots of people get paper cuts, and at least two beers turn skunky.  I don’t want that on my conscience.

So, Ephemera is an ebook collection (available in all formats) of my dark short fiction.  Three of the stories are set in the world of New Dineen, which is also where my Egil and Nix novels from Angry Robot Books are set. I think you’ll like these stories.

There.  Self-promotion over.  🙂

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7 thoughts on “Ephemera

  1. Started reading this last night. So far I’m loving it. I’ve always liked Lovecraft, so the first two stories were perfect. But the Marlboro Man…this needs to be a novel. I loved the premise and the character, even though he is who is. The prose and the story were great. Could definitely give Thomas Harris some competition.

    • Thanks, Skuldren. Hope you enjoy it throughout. I get a lot of comments about The Marlboro Man. Really pleased you enjoyed.

  2. My favorite out of the bunch is “The Spinner.” In my opinion, the closing pages are almost as good as the prologue to Shadowbred, which is head-and-shoulders above anything else I have read in a sci-fi / fantasy setting. Still eagerly awaiting Godborn…

  3. Yup have to say Ephemera is an incredible value to be sure. I highly recommend it.

    The Signal still gets me to think about tall buildings and what secrets are hidden within them.

  4. I just saw on suvudu website that the kindle edition of Ephemera is being offered for free. I don’t own a kindle, but a nook. I would like to get Ephemera for the nook. Can you help, please?

    • David,

      I’m sorry, man. I have EPHEMERA enrolled in the Amazon KDP program (it’s through that program that I’m offering the book for free this weekend) and the terms of that program prohibit me from offering it in other formats. Apologies.

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