An interview and a review

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You probably missed this over the weekend, because, unlike me, you actually did fun things on Saturday and Sunday, as opposed to packing up all your worldly possessions and wondering just how in the Hell it will all be ready for the movers.

So, I did a fun interview with Galactic Holofeed(direct link to audio feed is here). We talked Crosscurrent, Deceived, Star Wars generally, and lots at the end about DnD. Good stuff for we geeks, sez I.

Second, Scott Marlowe reviewed Ephemera, my ebook collection of dark stories. “Well written, haunting collection of shorts” works for me. If you haven’t read Ephemera, consider giving it a try. I think readers who have enjoyed the dark tone of my novels will dig on these stories.

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One thought on “An interview and a review

  1. I’ve been listening to Galactic Holofeed for quite some time now, closely following all things related to The Old Republic. Will definitely drop by today and catch the interview!

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