A RIPTIDE teaser

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The first-draft opening sentences of RIPTIDE (the sequel to Crosscurrent), at least as of  now, just to (hopefully) whet your appetite:

Jaden kneeled, a penitent at prayer, as blood leaked from his temple and the shrieks of an alarm rose and fell in time with the lurid flashes of overhead lights.  He swallowed, put a hand to his head, felt the blood, the small hole there.  The rapid flashes made his movements appear herky-jerky, not his own, the stop-starts of a marionette in unpracticed hands.

His body ached.  His head felt as if someone had driven a nail into it.

And he had no idea where he was.

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20 thoughts on “A RIPTIDE teaser

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  2. Aw man what an opening! So many questions, damn you Paul! 🙂 I definitely dig it, looking forward to the whole book! 🙂

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  5. I really enjoyed Crosscurrent and I’m looking forward to its sequel… you’ve got my attention, that’s for sure.

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  8. I was looking for more info about Crosscurrent and I would like to use this opportunity to say that the book was awesome. Harbringer and Jaden’s crude lightsaber were great ideas that I really liked and I can’t wait for Riptide.

  9. I appreicate how you approach the dark side as just another tool of the force. I wish Ben and Luck could view the force teh same way as Jaden. In the Skywalkers dealings with varrious force sensitive beings on their saga I always hope that they will reach this realization, but sterotypical dogma always winns out. As for jaden, I think he could truly be the master of the Force in all aspects without becoming an over zelous jedi, or blindsided sith.

    • I’m glad you think so, Niko. Interesting things afoot for Jaden in RIPTIDE, so we’ll see how things shake out for him.

      • First, congratulations on Crosscurrent, that was a great novel, and featured a character (Jaden Korr) that I felt has been largely ignored in the Star Wars Expanded Universe.

        If I were to guess, that Riptease teaser sounds a lot like a Force vision! (Hole in the head, not knowing where he was 🙂 ). Also, since Jaden found revelation (in his self-doubt) at the end of CC, I suspect that he should be a lot more powerful in Riptide, yes? (Force-sensitives typically unlock incredible power whenever they find revelation).

        Maybe a scene where he ends up figthing all the remaining Jedi/Sith clones at once? 🙂 Either way, good luck on Riptide!

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