The Year in Review, in Brief

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champagneWe’re about to put 2013 in the rear view mirror.  I hope it was a great year for all of you and I hope 2014 is even better. I had a very good year, read some good books, watched some good shows, and enjoyed some great company.  The major personal and professional milestones:

First, we had our second daughter (and fourth child), Evelyn Sloane.  Kempland is abundant in love.

Second, everyone in Kempland is healthy and happy.  Huzzah!

Third, I only had to maim one person and that was over an argument about fig newtons.  DO NOT GET IN AN ARGUMENT WITH ME OVER FIG NEWTONS!

Fourth, the second Egil and Nix book was released, A Discourse in Steel.  It was a blast to write and readers seem to find it a blast to read.  Selling well, too, so much so that I think the first two Egil and Nix novels are soon to earn out, which is always nice.

Fifth, The Godborn released in October, marking my return to the Forgotten Realms and a continuation of the Cale Chronicles.  This was a story I’d been telling in my head for five years and finally getting it onto pages and into readers’ hands is a wonderful thing. People seem to be digging it and it’s selling really well.

Sixth, I sold two more Egil and Nix novels to Del Rey, allowing me to continue the story of the boys from Dur Follin with a larger publisher.  Really looking forward to continuing the story of these two.

And that’s more or less it for major things.  Everything was and is splendid and I hope things were and are likewise for you.

2013, you were a good year.  I’ll revisit you when I take my next ride in the TARDIS.

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