German rights and cover art for THE HAMMER AND THE BLADE

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We recently sold German translation rights to The Hammer and the Blade(with A Discourse in SteelΒ soon to follow hopefully) and today I happened to see the cover art for the German version.

Somehow the boys from Dur Follin look very German in this art, which is, I suppose, the point. Β I put the original art here too, so you can compare if you like.

Egil ist ein Deutscher! πŸ™‚



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7 thoughts on “German rights and cover art for THE HAMMER AND THE BLADE

  1. I understand the change in language but not the cover Art? Hopefuly you get many more translations in print.

    • Just a publisher’s preference. Sometimes foreign language translations retain the original cover art, but often the foreign pub wants something more in line with what is seen in that particular market.

  2. Just finished “Discourse in Steel” and enjoyed it every bit as much as “The Hammer and the Blade.” Wanted to say “congrats” on the German translation–“Pact of Blood” sounds a bit lurid, but fun. I teach German and literature, and always smile when I think of giant “Egil” as hedgehog in German (spelled “Igel” but in my head I pronounce Egil’s name like Igel). Is this what you meant by “Egil ist Deutscher?” Are they keeping his name as Egil in the German translation? Hope so, though in German his name comes dangerously close to “Engel.” But as a priest and no angel, I think Egil would find that funny. As would Nix with his name sounding like “nichts,” or “nothing.” He definitely has a nihilistic attitude toward most things. They’re both such great characters, and I’m looking forward to their next adventure. Thanks for creating them, and as one of your female fans, I also enjoy Rose, Mere, and Teshe–their strength, wit, and loyalty to those they love. After “Discourse” I’m anxiously awaiting what’s in store for the sisters. Cheers, Tatum

  3. Any chance for translated (german) Erevis Cale books? Actually my mother got into it, while reading the localized versions of the Sembia Series, but unfortunately she can’t handle english good enough to enjoy the other novels.

    • I believe there is(was) a German translation of SHADOW’S WITNESS, but that’s the only one I’m aware of (Feder and Schwert did it, I believe). I’d love to see German translations of the rest of the Cale books, but so far, no dice. WoTC licensing handles this kind of thing, so I’m basically out of the loop, alas.

      • Yeah there is! Thats actually how she got into it!
        But yeah, very unfortunate! Germany has a crazy big fantasy / roleplaying community, especially in the last 10 years. Maybe you can drop that line, next time you got them on the phone. πŸ˜‰
        I know Bob’s books come out in german, they take quite a while to come out, but they make it. I think “Blanvalet” does that for germany. But I have no clue of course how he did or does it.
        But just between us: I like Erevis better than Drizzt, THERE I SAID IT! πŸ˜›

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